Am I Bad Person For Hating Women's Basketball?

I thought both groups today provided some interesting insight on women in the media.
I'll admit (and I'll probably get skewered for this) that I don't watch women's sports because I find them uninteresting. And I know I'm not the only one in the class that thinks that. I actually don't mind watching volleyball or tennis--and it's not because of the skimpy outfits. I think that both sports are something that men and women can play together.
But I can't watch women's basketball. The disparity level between men's and women's basketball is huge, and anyone who argues otherwise is crazy. I know several women who say they can't watch it either. Don't get me wrong... I'm not saying that women shouldn't play basketball. I'm just saying that there are some sports I can't stand watching: hockey and women's basketball.
It was also interesting to learn how beauty is interpreted in other countries. The tanned, hourglass body that is considered "beautiful" in America is different than in Asia. When I lived in Korea, I could not figure out why Korean women tried so hard so lighten their skin.
They would go so far as to apply powder to their faces, and in many instances, they looked like they were wearing clown makeup. But I guess it's better than fake baking. Instead of looking like the old lady on There's Something About Mary by the time they're 40 they actually have healthy skin brimming with smoothness and elasticity.
But we should always remember that beauty is only skin deep, no matter where you're from, and a woman's merits should not be based on her external beauty.


  1. I think it's cool that women play sports, but I also find it borring to watch. I think that women's tennis and soccer and other sports do well for a reason. Because at the olympics and such we place high and prove that we are better above all others and then that carries on into the regular seasons as well.

  2. Amen Brotha! Your groups presentation topic was so interesting. I liked the facts that were given that like 48% of the NBA's fans were women (or something like that) That blows my mind! Thats like... half! lol. Who knew. Such steriotypes and gender bias against women and sports, its sad and it sucks. But i will be honest, I have never really watched a womens sport on tv on purpose. Guess i just feed the fire.

  3. Tyson, very perceptive, yet again. But the entry feels, to me, like you feel bad about not watching womens basketbal. But you should have no reservations about it. It is a personal choice. I don't like watching little kids play sports. It isn't that I have something against little kids playing soccer in the rain and learning about sportsmanship. I just don't find it entertaining.